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Square or Portrait?


Here’s a similar thread, try doing some more looking around to reduce duplicate posts! (:wink:)


I prefer portrait better for editors tbh


As a designer, thinking about functionality, I choose portrait! But I like square too. We can have both I think! :grin:


Everyone keeps saying like the first vine, or keeps vines features. v2 isn’t supposed to be vine. What happens if v2 officially launches, and there isn’t even a v in the official name. So often people keep calling v2 vine, and it isn’t vine. v2 is supposed to be new and unique while yes incorporating some of the stuff vine was known for, but it’s still supposed to be its own thing.
This isn’t me saying I’ll rather people choose portrait, that’s not what i’m saying I just think if we choose square it should be for a different reason than, let’s just keep everything vine had and make a basic duplicate.
Sorry probably will take heat for saying this, but thought it was needed, if anything for my own insanity.


I voted square. I think either would be okay, but I wouldn’t want to have both because the platform would lose consistency and not seem as visually unified. Square also facilitates both vertical and horizontal videos entering the platform, which is legit.


Portrait would be something new :slight_smile:


If it’s square then the videos shouldn’t have to opened.


Voted square but either is fine. Portrait would be nice for a change.


But you should record on a square so you don’t need to cut


Makes sense


i like the idea of having both
but when it comes down to it, nostalgia always wins
gonna have to go with square :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Id say both


either would be nice but if we have to choose one… square

My first post?

square like the old vine :slight_smile:


Square is what made vine what it is today. Simply iconic! portrait is just snapchat.


Why not both like how Instagram does it?


Portrait and Square. But portrait mainly bc u can upload it to IG or twitter to share on stories I guess


I agree, it makes vine unique.


I mean you could argue that square is just Instagram


6-second square vines is what vine is… Instagram at first didn’t have video just pictures.