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Square or Portrait?


bruhhh we don’t need square, that’s what instagram is for.:man_facepalming:t4:


i think it needs to be a little bit like twitter.

it can be portrait, but when tapped, shows the caption, likes, playback, etc…


Are the dimensions officially going to be portrait? After seeing the sneak peek Dom tweeted, it seems to be? I personally wanted square but maybe we could get that in the future or before release if it’s possible as another option?


why are people voting square? if your on device it will show less content

but if portrait it will fill up the whole screen…


square is much better and is the vision i see when i think of vine/v2


Yeah, I kinda wanted square but I’m up for anything lol


Square or landscape, even 4:3, but never portrait. When I see portrait videos I immediately think of vertical camera syndrome. Vertical videos don’t translate well to other platforms that are optimized for landscape or watching on a monitor or tv. Most of the viewing will be on the phone within the app, but square, landscape, or 4:3 allows for growth or expansion outside of the medium especially if anyone is allowed to make videos longer than 6.5sec, like 2:30 minutes… would want to be able to share that elsewhere too but would be limited if it was created in portrait dimensions.


it’s going to be multi-ratio. can be either square or portrait


After recent Dom tweets, it’s safe to say it’s gonna be both square and portrait


True, but nowadays, most phone sizes are different. Some are longer than others, whilst the width seems to be largely similar. It would need a certain ‘fit’ to the screen, meaning that the size of video may need to be enhanced. This might ruin video quality. There’s no doubt that modern technology might make life easier for app developers, but portrait may be annoying for users, as it is for me.

Square all the way baby!


So it can be transformed into both dimensions? I haven’t been active on Twitter lol.


As long as there is square, i’m happy. :smile:

This was a week ago on the discord chat:




Yes! I’m so happy!!


I’ve kinda changed my mind about this since my original post. I do think Square would be best. Easier to be displayed on all phone sizes, more shareable size, fills more of the screen when displayed on television, and would stand out against other apps like TikTok.

Looks like they’re going to do multi ratio with square as an option. I’ll probably focus on square.


Honestly I’m okay with both, though portrait is clearly easier to film.


I’ll prolly do that aswell


yus thanks to me asking dom in the first place heheheh :smiling_imp: i think i went on about it so much that it forced him to tweet it too LOL


But if they only implement one, the whole app will look more uniform