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Square or Portrait?


Square - v2 has to have something distinctive to set it apart and make v2 videos distinguishable from, say, snapchats (apart from the fact that they are short)


Hi, I think that we should have both. Just because some of the people like square, while some like portrait. I also think that v2 should have an option to where you could pick a time that would be longer than 6 - 7 seconds. I think deciding from 6 - 10 seconds would be awesome. I think this because people would have time to do more, and could be more open to what they do.


Definitely square, brings back memories of 2014-2017.


Think they should allow portrait and if you want you can crop to square. I feel as if portrait would bring more into view and you could use more of the space available.


I personally think square looks nicer. If there were to be portrait mode, I think it would be too much like snapchat or even instagram. I like the square a lot and I think it’s cool seeing how artists have to be a little more creative when working with the square. It’s just better! Portrait mode is too much like everything else


Not sure! I think you should do both - and the user is able to decide what they want to do! I am going to feel so free on V2. Although - I will still record and post whilst abiding the rules.


I’m actually pretty surprised that the majority of users (including me) on the forum want square profile pictures.
I remember back in 2015 when people got pissed at Twitter when they changed their default profile picture shape to portrait, but I guess I just figured that people have adjusted to it by now. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Yeah but will they change it again? :sob:


Hopefully not! :sweat_smile:


portrait, in my idea, is similar to’s platform and fills the whole screen. I like have the ingagement section (likes, comments) outside of the post. it also helps those who are as comfortable in front of the camera and only wants to show half their face!


I voted two months ago, though didn’t actually write why,
There are big differences between phone ratios right now, For example: iPhone X with 19.5:9 against iPhone 8 Plus with 16:9 screen ratio, that’s a lot of content loss.
Fixed size for all devices guarantees no hidden content, which I prefer.


Portrait does seem like a better option, but people semi on want square more. I just can’t see any benefit other than the size being consistent across devices and scrolling through a timeline being barely easier. Of course, you could force portrait mode to be a certain aspect ratio to keep consistency across devices. The tiny bit of room that could be gained from square videos in the timeline isn’t truly worth the amount of extra screen real estate creator would get to work with. Not to mention that you could always crop portrait videos to square but never go the other way without losing a significant amount of video. Portrait overall seems like a better option.


maybe there could just be an option for either, like how you can pick a square or portrait image in regular photos on iphones right now


and instagram deals with different image sizes in a cool way. Im not sure how to totally explain it, but basically the size of the area where the video or image is depends on the actual image. nevertheless, sometimes it gets frustrating to try and play a video that’s horizontal because the phone thinks youve already gone to the next video since the length of the post is so short


im just hoping Dom could announce what it would be so that i could start workin on some videos already!


well itd probably auto crop so just record in portait for now i guess


Regardless of Square or Portrait, I really hope that if I am scrolling on the app while lying down it doesn’t rotate the screen, I hate having to turn that on and off between apps


i prefer it square, it will bring nostalgic moments, and we should be able to read the caption also


still hoping our next update would have a confirmation on what format would v2 go ahead with


I saw square, change it up. Make it unique :sunglasses: