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Square or Portrait?


Square. Gives it that nostalgia and also uniqueness within the “posting” world.


Thank you Dom! For making my dreams come true with v2.


It should be portrait because it’s a way to show that this is different. Plus, it keeps people from reposting old vines to get followers


100% square


square because all my vines that i’ve made previously and i’m planning to use on the app are all square :joy::joy:


Square. Retro look, new vibes. :slight_smile:


Portrait. Square means more editing!


I like portrait; as a creator, it helps get more in the shot and also works better with border titles. Buut, I can see why people would want square also.


it’s easier to set up 2 people in frame when videos are square vs portrait. plus portrait videos never show fully on my phone lol, something always goes wrong lol.


I’m really mad with all those morons taking pictures in portrait all over the day…


Changed my mind, square is perfect.


Both would be good. But since it’s a new app maybe the default should be portrait and have the square as a classic option, if that makes sense.




Snapchat has circular on their Spectacles video :slight_smile:


square 100%. please


Remember what happened last time a little blue birdy came to talk…a great thing was taken away. Yeah no birds over here :joy::joy::joy::joy:


:rofl: :rofl:


I’m a little confused why square is so popular? Doesn’t that just mean more editing if you plan on not using the possible in-app camera and would rather edit and upload externally? Wouldn’t portrait fit a phone screen size and square not?
(Just wondering).


vertical video is always terrible for the desktop. square videos don’t care about the orientation of your device; they’re as big as they can get in either portrait or landscape.


Square. If later uploaded to other social media it will be so much less of a pain. Instagram does square, YouTube is better with squares too, unless it’s landscape. Idk about twitter but yeah. Square seems best.