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Square or Portrait?


Did you think about the different phone/tablet/(possibly computer) screen sizes? It’s a versatile aspect ratio.


Portrait is a worse aspect ratio for recording video, unless you’re doing a full-body shot of one person. Otherwise, square or wide is much better and more versatile for video.


Portrait, but please have it dynamic rotating to landscape in the case someone wants to do a landscape video. This “stuck in portrait” mode in instagram is something that is very annoying imo. Don’t force me to turn my phone when swiping through videos…


And THAT’S why square is ultimately the best option.


What is interesting about square (in the process of shooting video) is that it is different than shooting with most used platforms. Distinguishing the video-shooting feature from other natural uses of the phone camera in a very subtle way could link this action to a certain association with the platform (I guess a kind of “v2-ness”).


Also, square offers some versatility with regards to how you can use the interface to manipulate how the camera is used. Quite a few comments in this forum suggest that holding your phone in portrait mode is “the natural” way to hold it. But I’m sure you can play with that. For example (to prove a point), if you are interested in experimenting with how you could change the way the whole phone is used you could already start with just having the video monitor screen rotate 90 degrees randomly. I’m close to sure that users would react to it (probably by rotating their phones to match the screen).


I guess so


back to basic and square it’s


Square. Fits better for mobile video. And gives neutral composition for both landscape & portrait in term of regular video production.


Why not a circle?


The square format is iconic to vine… it’s how you can tell what was posted on vine and what wasn’t! Definilty keep it for v2


What the heck… It’s square bro


Both options are great but I think the choice would be easier (and more accurate) with a demo sample. I know that the square size will keep the “app’s origins” but I would be also open minded for the portrait size option if it fits the overall look of the app.


I’m just happy that we even have the ability to answer this question and that V2 is a thing


Late to the thread but I think portrait would be cool! Kinda like how Instagram only let users have square photos but now they can be portrait. I feel like people could show more creativity and it would look a lot better, depending on what type of vines someone makes.


Ok but wouldn’t it be funny to have the app release on April Fools.


Portrait brings something new to the table, like an upgrade. I’m all for the future


Square! A lot of the old viners who took to making video content on instagram still use the square format for all of their content, even though instagram offers both.
Either way, if portrait is made available on V2, I think the caption should still be visible on your phone screen while the video is playing.


obviously it should be square since vine was originally square, the only thing is that portrait is a-lot easier for editors like me. I feel if you can add both, similar to instagram, it will make the experience a whole lot better.


I like square better than portrait, but I also like how Instagram is with being able to do landscape also