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Square or Portrait?


Same tho :joy:


what about horizontal? (:


@niamreagan hmm I might need to flag this :thinking: haha just kidding :smiley:


how is this even a question?? square!!!


Portrait makes you more like snapchat than anything. Plus people like square because its easy to scroll through and browse different videos while being able to see the entire thing and i dont think there is a smooth way to scroll through portrait videos without sacrficing some visibility


Square is go :fire::fire:

#212 Square?!!! :man_facepalming:t2: I’m going to have to unfollow you on now! jk


Hahah sorry I should consultant with you cause I know you a pro when it comes to recording


Haha! It’s whatever you prefer. For me, I just think I could do more with Portrait.


Honestly, it’s a matter of where you want to play. Do you want to be consumed or distributed? Square is how I lean for distributing my v2’s and not bad for consumption. Portrait? Now that’s another story. :wink:


Square definitely has that iconic feel


Square! Just like the original!


That’s pretty cool


Do you have an idea of what month the app will be available to the public?


“Beginning of the Summer months” would mean June by the latest


Why does everyone want square??? It’s a terrible aspect ratio XP It’s not good for filming. Which is the entire base of this app…


It’s all good vibe :muscle:t3:


First option: SQUARE
Second option: Instagram system, either square or landscape, we creators & editors love landscape or square, I’ve always personally found portrait format weird, in my mind it makes no sense…lazy cameraman in my mind, TV, MOVIES YOUTUBE, etc, etc. Landscape or squared, plus if you want to put the content you create on platforms like YT, it just looks strange in portrait & you have to put the weird blurred video down the side, which looks rubbish. Please Square or Square with option of Landscape like IG


Instagram does portrait videos in posts along with square and landscape.

I don’t think it’s being lazy if you shoot vertical video. We hold our phones in portrait mode. We view the apps on our phones in portrait mode. The video that appears within these apps should appear in portrait mode. It just makes sense.

It’s an evolution. Movies in the theatre started as squares then they went widescreen. TVs were square then they too went widescreen. Now we watch a lot of video on phones that we naturally hold in portrait mode.

Square would work, I just think you can have more of an impact on the viewer if you use as much of the screen as possible.

Has anybody watched Jesse Driftwood’s Instagram stories? He shoots them all in portrait and they’re amazing!


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