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Square or Portrait?




Oh yeah! Like musically


Haha thanks for the clarification!! I respect your opinion!! :blush: I’m still team Portrait tho :joy:


Square. Best of all: the negative space top and bottom frames & isolates the image,
on top of allowing some screen space for screen name and avatar.


portrait would give it more differentiation than other social media, which mostly use square, so it’d be really cool!!


Portrait or landscape are the best options. Square just means more editing to make video fit.


A little blue birdie came to me in a dream and told me:

So I think squares are the right choice.


The thing with portrait is, particularly with other services like musically, the vast majority of the time there’s not really a compelling reason to have it in portrait mode. The user’s focus remains in the middle of the frame, and there’s really not much done with all that additional room. You could easily crop most portrait videos on other platforms and not miss much. So, why waste that additional data and bandwidth on something that doesn’t really add to the experience?

Put it this way - can you think of any Vines from the previous app that you watch and think, “gosh, I wish this was in portrait so I could see more of what’s happening off screen”?


Me gustan ambas opciones. i can’t wait for it!


Square for sure


Has to be square perfectly looping and simple, like the first version of that app that died a couple years ago :sweat_smile:


Potrait… We need more detail frame… I think you need make this different from past


Please do both because I already made 30 videos on portrait and I can’t remake them because it is impossible. Please do both portrait and square


if v2 becomes portait then how am i supposed to read the caption and get the videos reason simultaneously :joy: :rofl:




Obviously square.


Square! :black_square_button:


Square or I don’t care


I like my square vine compilations


What would Steve Jobs do? Square. Keep it simple. I never heard a single complaint from Vine users about the square format.