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Square or Portrait?


We could do both, but we want you to pick one! Think hard about it and don’t reminisce too much!

  • Square
  • Portrait

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I know this is a duplicate thread… sorry about that. :sweat:


respectfully flagged


Definitely square!!!


Hmmm… Seems everyone wants square. I like portrait because you can see more in the shot.


The best option are both :wink:


I like the idea of both, just like instagram’s system.


Yep has to be square


Square way or highway!


I agree.


Both!!! Options!


Why not both? :slightly_smiling_face:

Square is the way to go



Although both would be great, I’d personally prefer square!


Portrait would be good for us editors, but I could make square work


Portrait gives the ability to use all the resources in the phone screen.


I would love the option to do both but if it’s only one then square 100%


Square is better imo


God, I hope it stays square.


tough call…


Wanna be able to read captions while the video runs without obscuring at all.