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Something should be done with those snapchat threads

After putting my snapcode to a thread like “put your snapcodes here uh whatever” I got a lot of spam friends like “I post nudes every sec” n shit
rn someone tried to log in into my account, (s)he tried to hack it.
I think it might be connected to the post where everybody was just attaching their snapcodes
im not sure tho


Just keep that in mind and protect your acc with another wall of protection (like mobile phone SMS authentification)

I think those threads should go away and if its a group chat you can just dm a person in here

(i was not sure which category this was)


recategorised to #forum-feedback


i felt that

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I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience here…

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woah, this is cray. i agree with this. it’s risky

We’ve suggested to close them all for a long long time

I’m talking about the hacking incident. That’s a major thing to take into consideration and I’m wondering if it’s a one-off incident or not.

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Well, most people share their social media usernames publicly, so, not sure why this is considered risky, unless Snapchat is somehow different than Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are always people trying to hack accounts or spamming people, it can’t be avoided and removing threads of people sharing their social media accounts won’t stop it. Make sure you’ve got a good strong password and turn on two-factor authentication if you feel you need to.

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Those snap chat groups seemed mad sus tbh. A teen snap chat group for 13-19 year olds already raised some red flags in my mind