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Some Mojis I thought were missing from the server

Some Mojis I thought were missing from the server, so… I thought I’d make my own versions of the missing ones :heh:

I was trying to recreate the original style they were made in. Hopefully I did a good job there.

My objective was not to plagiarize, but to experiment and also at that time - I was bored. (So those are my excuses :grin:)

Also idk if this style of Mojis will ever appear in Byte or somewhere else, but I just saw them once on the Byte Discord server, sooo… yeah…






These are awesome!! :call_me_hand:


Wow these are actually eeally dope w! My favorite ones are the two last ones :heart:


these are niiice, good job

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woaah i love these! great job :eyes::ok_hand:t3:

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Thank you all! :blush:


I’m not sure how the original designer of those original Mojis would react, but… I could make a part 2 of my own attempts at making them ^^

Any suggestions what you want to see next? :smiley:

Edit: I will add screenshots of your suggestions near your suggested Mojis, that is optional and if you want that. :wink:

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Should make one of this!


Very epic

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rip vine, forever in our hearts :heart:

These are amazing. I love it

These are awesome man keep up the good work

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Wonderful job! Also welcome :blush:

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These are great! Welcome to the forums!!

Welcome to the forums and I do think a part 2 is a must

Welcome homeee! These are amazing. You should keep doing them!

I’m already thinking of a byte video based off of this. Defintely some inspiration

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love it :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:

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Why haven’t we added this to the discord yet.:thinking:

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shexi :heart:

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