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Social Media Management


Hi guys, as most already know Social Media Management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms. Every good platform or company normally follows these Social Media disciplines: social listening, social analytics and social engagement.
Given these disciplines there are quite a few platforms and companies that actually follow these in the correct way, for example: Wendy’s, Netflix, GrubHub, etc…
They Listen, Analyze and Engage.

Besides this pointless introduction there are types of Social Media Managers and Management which may affect the way the public sees a platform or a company, for example if in this case we were talking about Byte’s Social Media Management would you like it to be a Serious/Professional type of management or a sassiest type of management like Wendy’s?

Would you also like the Social Media Accounts of the App to be a little more active as of right now? Which I may disagree for obvious reasons but everyone has their opinions so what is your opinion on this topic?

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i would want it to be like Wendy’s cause

  1. it’s funny
  2. it’s good promo for the app if people talk about it


Don’t you think you’re lookjng to deep into somethjng this🤔


We are indeed, but we are part of a serious project that deserves serious threads like this to more than ask, learn. This kind of topics can help the Team behind the app learn what kind of mindset everyone has, are most of us serious? Diplomatic? or just want shade, fun, and jokes?
By taking your answers we can learn a lot about how to handle the Social Medias of the app taking into consideration the Social Media Disciplines: Listen, Analyze and Engage.



That’s actually the most famous type of Social Media Management most platforms and companies are using right now as the Millennials are loving and living for it.



I do think that the social media accounts being more active could help bring / hold onto more potential app users. Social media is the easiest way to access large groups of people from all over the world.


That’s why it is so important and a really exciting topic for us.


I would definitely like to see management more like Wendy’s. It makes it more fun for all users of the app and it could really get people talking.


What I like about this type of Social Media Management is that the person in charge of the account actually do their research and answers/replies to posts that don’t necessarily even @ them or have their name on the post.