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Snapchat :)


Hi. I am that person who made a poll about using snapchat. Most of you said yes so ta da! Here’s my snapchat. I just got my snapchat back (hope we can be friends on there) it’s @marsamathyst or this snapcode

Or you can just leave your usernames and snapcodes so that I can follow you.

Also please suggest any good meme accounts or any other interesting accounts so that I can spice up my snapchat


Hi Iaa Nyll ! Just wanted to tell you that there is already a lot of Snapchat topics :blush:
Next time, search is the topic you want to create already exist. It’s better to bring back old topics than creating new ones and forgetting the old ones.
Have a nice day/evening/night ! :smile::smile:

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Hi. I am aware and I would like to check those out. But I also would like people to suggest me interesting accounts like meme accounts that worth the follow. Thanks


Add me. Cmebnangel