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Small Artist support other Small Artist 🔥🔥


This is not a post to discourage or bash on artists with a larger following. But is a post to help support other smaller artists. It’s difficult for smaller artist to compete with bigger names, so this topic is to encourage the support and aid of other smaller content creators. With the group feature that’s going to be introduced and the skills and unique qualities that come with each content creator. We can greatly increase our odds and chance of success on v2.

:fire: Share your Username on V2
:fire: Share what kind of content you would like to create
:fire: Look for others with similar content and network
:fire: Thank You!!


Here’s a topic like this and my user will prolly be the same, I’m gonna be posting music stuff tho :smile:


thanks! lol i’ll close this thread and open another. cant wait to follow you on v2


ThomyBalca-Comedy and typical situations


Soynut - random comedy


Ayy np and okay! Can’t wait to follow you too! :smile:


Same as my user on here, will post edits & tutorials



I plan to release small skits, maybe some cutesy videos and classy clickbait :laughing:


My Username on V2 will be KillfavrMusic because that’s my DJ/producing name. My content will be me DJ’ing and previews of my new songs. I’d probably add more content like my shows and stuff. also add my Instagram, @therealmikeywilkinson16. and my Snapchat (even tho Snapchat is going down hill) @dj4life123


is it going to be comedy?


Yep :laughing:


Can a developing artist make music covers without a licence or with record labels’ payment permission?


I mean if the artist just will join to v2?


hey guys, recently i released two songs, one in June and one a few weeks ago. if you guys can check it out, download it on your favorite music platforms that would mean alot. and i you really like it share it with your friends. Send me music too, i listen to literally every genre there is lol.