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so I know the majority of people on here (or at least what I’ve seen) are into the comedy side of v2 but I know there are also some of us who want to build our singing careers, so I thought it would be cool if we had an instagram group chat for the singing v2 artists because I know there’s a lot of groups for users in general but I think it would be cool if those of us who share the music passion could get to know each other and become friends (we don’t even have to talk about music and stuff, just a chat to fool around and establish relationships and support each other and stuff) so by the time the app comes out we’ll already have a little music community within the v2 community. If you’re interested leave your ig name and I’ll make a group chat later!



Cool idea :smile: I’m planning on doing some singing videos on v2



i won’t be singing myself, but i do write lyrics and make instrumentals for a good friend of mine and she might make some. i’ll ask her later.



Great idea :ok_hand: I’m planning on making singing vids :blush: :instagram:QuintenDockx



That’s a good idea. I know some people on Vine started they’re singing career on Vine. The most successful is Ruth B. She started on vine singing a little verse and like 3 people told her to continue the song, she did, and uploaded it to youtube. The video now has 82 million views. It’s a really good song. It’s called “Lost Boy”. (She also has a lot of other hit songs! You should check her out.)

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what about shawn mendes lol he started on vine too



And I’ll definitely be making some music / singing videos!! Can’t wait



Great point! I L O V E to sing, and I’ve been singing every day for YEARS! Hopefully v2 with help us overcome that shyness and put ourselves out there through song!!



Don’t know how to link Instagram but I’m marshthemimedraws :slight_smile:



Hey I’m thinking of doing some singing vids (though they may not be good) :slight_smile:
I’m another_eleanor on Instagram.



yeah I know her! I also know shawn mendes and alessia cara started on vine too. they’re all great imo

edit: I just realized alessia actually started on yt whoops

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Oh fr? Shawn Mendes is probably the most succesfull! I didn’t know he started on Vine as well.



yeah! I love hime so much, his voice is amazing and I love the vibe his songs give. it also doesn’t hurt that he is insanely attractive haha (funny-ish story, one time his song was playing and I said “guys it’s my future husband!” so now whenever my sisters hear one of his songs they tell me that they heard my husband lol)

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