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Signed up BEFORE today!


I am looking through the second wave of beta signups and I see that some people have created accounts like 2 mins before they commented? Are they not going to get beta, will they have to wait for a 3rd wave, or are they going to hold an L and wait for the actual launch in spring? Lmao I’m just curious


don’t think they’ll get the beta. plus doubt there will be a third wave.


bc fools


Just like the first signup, anyone who joined the forums after the beta post was made will not be granted beta access.


ugh but my internet was down and i only missed it by 12 days and i REALLY want to drop the beta so can i PLEASE be added to the list?


I saw something about the signup from the official twitter account and come over immediately — Admittedly I missed the “if you’ve just signed up, you’re not eligible,” bit (which seems arbitrary and gatekeepy but I suppose I understand the purpose).

At any rate, I think we’re all just excited to get creating. :grinning:

Edit also — forums in 2018!? What a trip man!