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Here are my channels:

:youtube: (Gaming):
:youtube: (Vlogging - coming VERY soon):

To contact myself, I am on Twitter the most:

:twitter: (@TheKingHusker)


Actually just uploaded my first video on my YouTube channel!


My first YouTube video :flushed:


Here is my soccer/football channel. If anyone has any idea or suggestion I would love to hear it.


Question- did not check out your channel yet but I will- when you post gaming videos, what device do you game on & if it is xbox- what do you use to record?


This is repetitive but here


Here’s my IT parody scene, linked to my youtube. Hope you enjoy!


Xbox is using an HD PVR and PC using screen recording.


There is absolutely no way to describe my trash but uh, here:
Oh jeez


today a new gaming video is coming out. i use an elgato. i use an xbox one. but sometimes i use a mac and obs.


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Im a black guy who plays games and just likes to have fun with the videos meanings lots of cool little edits mixed in with my above average weirdness i think you’d like it tho


-Mario plush videos
-Custom logo variations
-Parodies / sketches

I upload at least once a month, usually more.