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Selling Usernames


there’s no savesies. everyone gets what they get whenever they get it.


except from mwah of course^ x


People become owners of names that people want to have. For example I create bunch of accounts and one of them has the name of “arf”. You obviously want that username so I sell it you you. You could give me the money via PayPal for example or by making a deposit to my debit card. (NO, I DONT SELL USERNAMES)


no matter what it’ll happen anyway lol


True, but I’d think not without going through greater lengths to transfer ownership.

This reply is from the topic Special badges?

An idea to stop, or at least hinder the sale of usernames would be to give users a 24/48 hour (maybe even 5 day) restriction to change any recovery information that they used to claim ownership of an already registered account. Having to contact support should also be a part of the process.


people are always finding ways to do illegal stuff to get money.:roll_eyes: