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Selling Usernames


So I remember someone who was new to these forums (i can’t remember who) was talking about getting good usernames then selling them. I’m guessing that’s again the byte policy but was just concerned :frowning:


anyone doing it will probably be banned, think it was in the podcast some time ago


selling usernames most likely won’t be tolerated. i’m not sure how dom and the team will battle it.


Ew, that sucks. I don’t want that. But how would selling usernames even work?


either by buying an account with a desirable username or asking the person to change it for payment


hm. seems a bit shady


it happens, used to happen a lot on twitter and instagram, not sure if it still does


I, until recently, owned a meme page on Insta and from what I saw, username selling happens a lot.


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Unpopular opinion:

I think the sale of usernames should be allowed. Some people might not vibe with the app and might not want their account to go to waste but at the same time, not give it up for free. But I think the registration of multiple accounts should not be permissible. That way people wouldn’t be able to bot/steal/snag thousands of sick usernames and sell them for profit. :man_shrugging:


I think it’s good. It relates to the app enough and concerns one of it’s possible issues.


it won’t be tolerated. i’m not entirely sure how it’ll be handled, as @ShonziTho said.

however, the first two rounds of beta will give a large amount of people first pick, with only one way to access, so neither of the rounds will be able to make multiple accounts to possibly sell.

we’ll see. i’m hoping it doesn’t happen.


I think account buying should be ok unless it is to buy something that would be a ripoff. For Example, if an account was named LoganPaul, the real Logan Paul might want that account and pay a lot of money to get it from them. Since that is his name, and he already has a large brand established with his name, i think it would be kinda messed up for him to have to by his own name.
I do think that the byte team is going to make it against the policies to do that, but it would be interesting to have an official way set up to have easy transferring of accounts that wouldn’t be against the rules in some type of guidelines set up by the app.


ive come across username buying alot on instagram… it happens to this day


Do we even know how usernames will be able to be obtained yet?


Just from these examples i want to make something very clear.

“Logan Paul” is not a trademark, it’s a name. He doesn’t have any right to the name, so if someone else takes that before him for example, he doesn’t deserve to have it given to him.

Same goes for anyone else, if you want the name you can get it yourself, or wait till it inevitably goes inactive, in which case the policy will hopefully provide some way to get it.


True I own a meme account and this is the norm


there are many online forums where people auction off their usernames, in exchange for money on paypal or bitcoin. some people trade usernames. this is against all major social media’s TOS, and will undoubtedly be against byte’s TOS.


But will reserving usernames for free going to be tolerated?


omg no no, just like everyone is saying… this wont be tolerated