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Seemless looping


Vine was the best platform for seamless looping footage and audio together. Twitter does it well too of course as long as it is 6.5sec or less but the interface isn’t designed around this kind of media. Instagram has like a quarter second pause that breaks the seam. For example this would loop cleanly without that pop in Vine, and I hope byte too.


switched to general discussion, might be something else but I know for a fact it isn’t promote yourself so ye


could be ideas and features? idk




Switched to ideas & feature requests.

(This is a suggestion.)


Hopefully we get seamless looping


they put their instagram in the post so i think they were just confused. :man_shrugging:t5:


They clearly stated that they linked to that Instagram post to demonstrate the quarter second pause that breaks what otherwise would be a seamless loop as a comparison to how well Vines seamlessly looped and to encourage and hope that byte loops as well as Vine did. Because they linked to their Instagram post is why they put it in self-promotion even though it also fits into ideas and features. Clearly there is some topic overlapping. Not confused.


there def will be seamless looping…apparently no app does it better than vine/byte many app devs apparently found it hard to integrate the seamless loop feature


yeah dom has already told us it will be seamless. just like vine. also have seen in screen recordings


I hate that pause on Instagram when looping. Makes no sense how Facebook is as big as they are and they have stupid app issues like that. I’m relieved to hear that Byte will have seamless looping.