Second Beta SignUp?


@dom , Will there be a second beta sign up? I was out of town the past couple of days and I’ve been going crazy about this thing and really wanted to get on the beta list. If not, its all cool. Just wondering if their will be a second chance?


i am confident there will be a second string of beta test signups for the people who missed the first, and to be quite honest i am not all too sure the first one is officially closed yet. i saw you got your post in so we’ll see what happens.



Thanks. I appreciate the hope. But, I did get a message in my inbox saying i missed the deadline from a person who sent out the names for the beta list. So I’m not so sure but fingers crossed. :confused:


okay. we’ll see soon and i’ll be sure to keep you updated.

for more information definitely try to take a look at the discord, things are always moving there!


Also, @kaden I wanna say i appreciate you, man. You’ve always been so attentive and helpful on the forums :slight_smile:


much appreciated!

i try :slight_smile:


I don’t know who sent that out but my guess is it was one of the experts who was just trying to cut it off. We did make a list, but it’s in no way final or official if Dom decides to change his mind. You probably still have a chance, and if not in the first wave definitely in the second if there is one like kaden said. Good luck :+1:


that’s good, i’m so sad i missed it :frowning: