Say hello!


Hey there, I am Tomek from New Jersey, USA. I cannot wait for v2!!!


I’m 2 months late but :call_me_hand:t4: Wassup i’m Fayyad (dont worry about how to say my name you’ll learn it soon :wink:). Honestly can’t wait for v2 so i can share my content and hopefully distract some people from whatever is going on in their lives. I’m also looking forward to collab with other creators and overall enjoy this new platform :weight_lifting_man:t4:


Hi guys my name is Noah I’m an aspiring artist. I want to make people laugh, and I’m super excited to be apart of the creation of V2. Hope to be friends!! :+1:


Hi, everyone love from India.


Ankur are you from India.


hey! i’ve already made an intro post on my page but i just wanted to say my name is nicole (feel free to call me that or nickle i’m used to it) and i’ve been so stoked about v2 since it’s announcement and i’m so happy to have found this forum! let’s be pals!


Yo, Im Jasmi_na, When I w_as born I had 9 mont_hs. My name doesn_'t mak_e m_e look like a flower. Life is cruel.


Hello to everyone!

How to post a new topic in other categories? :slight_smile:


Go to the “3-line” drop down in the right corner and click “new” then you should see a tab that allows you to create a new topic.


I did checked that drop down and clicked on “New” but it did not show any option to create a new topic.

I tried to click on the “New” button on that page too - but it just refreshes and nothing happens.

I’m attaching a screenshot


Oops looks like you check the forum on a computer… Idk how that works, I use my phone… sorry I wasn’t any help. :grimacing::grimacing:


You need to be active for a certain amount of time on here before you’re able to make a topic. Once you get the ‘Member’ badge, you should see a small banner at the top right that says |+ New Topic| where you can make new threads. :slight_smile:


No problem - Thanks for the initiative :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information. Now I can understand why it’s not visible. Any idea what’s the criteria for getting the badge or how much to wait?


Between I checked it - Now I got the badge and I’m able to post new topic. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


No problem! :smiley:


how did i not know this forum was here for like ten months?? I feel like I’ve been missing out.

Anyway, hello!


hello! and welcome! :slight_smile:


Hello wassup


hi all am Paul from Scotland im a disabled person and i enjoy testing out new apps all the time i love video apps and live streaming video chat ones