Say hello!


Hello, My name is Rashad. I’m an angry disgruntled youtuber waiting to create for a platform that cares.


hi, im eto


Heya everyone! I tried my hand at vine in 2013, but school got in the way. Will be using V2 to the best of my ability and bring out funny content regularly that I hope most will like! Can’t wait to follow and see what people create! Would love to have some friends via V2 when it comes around. You can reply below with the username you will most likely have and we can follow each other when the time comes (mine will hopefully be @yamum)! Thanks guys! :blush: :blush:


Hello, I’m Steve

I’m hoping to do well for myself on both a theme and personal account.

I’m currently a Junior in College and I never actually got involved in the original Vine. I began my first theme account on snapchat in the summer of 2017 due to the suggestion of my brother and have amassed a large following with over 200,000 viewers per story post in addition to multiple alternate accounts where I have a decent following as well.

I hope to test my luck with V2 and hopefully producing good content which people will come to love and enjoy.

My greatest joy from using social media as a platform to entertain others is hearing the messages from people who genuinely like my content and it pushes me to explore other outlets so that I can possibly bring joy and content to others in the world.

I’m extremely psyched for V2 and hope that it’s going to be as a major fill to the current social media needs that we currently lack.


Hello! I’m Joseph and I’m so way too very much excited for v2


Hello, this is Karim from Tunisia!


Yay! I’m Anna. I can’t wait for ■■■■■


Hi everyone! im super ready for v2, i crave the new content!!! :heart: :sunglasses:


I’m mili and i’m really confused, because i don’t even speak english but i always loved vine and this makes me really happy :heart:


Hello, Im “ZaID” and you listenning Radio Disney :heart_eyes: :call_me_hand:


:wave:t3::wave:t3: :wave:t3::wave:t3: :wave:t3::wave:t3: :wave:t3::wave:t3:


Hi all! Amazing how everyone is getting this ball rolling


Hello!! :tada::tada:


Hi I’m Becca

I’m 14 at the moment and going to make comedy videos when v2 is dropped.

I love science and maths and I’m pretty much the weird kid at school :joy:

I hope v2 is a platform where I can find people like me, make others smile and fit in


@AnnaFeltens, I think you used the word v*ne2! :joy:


Well hello there everyone!:blush:
From Canada!:canada:


Hello! I’m ace and I love anime and food :grinning:


i’m 2 months late boy o boy



My name is Levi, and I’m new to v2. I was so late to the v*ne party that the party was already shut down! :frowning: For a while, I just watched some old loops that were posted on YouTube and started to “follow” some artists (despite the fact that they were all reposted on YouTube).

Knowing that v*ne was shut down, I was kind of disappointed that I never got to participate in what seemed like a great place to make people laugh. When I heard about v2, I knew I had to come over and learn more before it launches!

I’m so excited for v2 and I hope everyone else is, too. It’s going to be a lot of fun! If I end up making loops or even if I don’t, I’m sure I’ll enjoy seeing what other people create.

So that’s me! Nice to meet you!



Lowkey i just want badges