Say hello!


Lol is this actually the sheffmeister?! Or a fake account? Blink twice if it’s really you! :roll_eyes: if it is you I totally have a confession…during last years sxsw at the rooftop of the reddit event I was totally behind you and wanted to say hi but fan girled out…:upside_down_face:


Hey! My name is Aryan.
Hope v2 will be good and not be cancerous lmao


Hello, my name is alyssa and I plan on being a future “artist” on V2 I am very very excited for this app to release I used to use the app vine until it became vine camera so I am very very excited to have an app that is somewhat similar to what vine was about! I am an editor meaning i make short edits of tv shows or youtubers I have been editing since 2012 and I can’t wait until I can show you all what I can do editing wise when this app releases. Super excited :wink:


And i’m just sitting here, waiting for v2 release. Oh, hi there.


Hi @dom , hi guys. I am Nikola and I am 17. I am Croatian but I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am glad I’m part of this forum and that I can help. I wish yall success on V2!!! Have a nice day :hugs::sweat_smile::rofl:


hii im taylor and i hope to make friends here and the upcoming v2! :grin:


my name is jeff


little late, but hey my name is anns and it’s great to meet you guys


Hey! I’m Paige! It’s nice to sorta meet you guys!:joy:


Teacher: Jared can you read to the class?
Jared: No I cannot!! What up, my names Jared and I never freakin learned how to read✌️


hello. i’m brandon and i nearly pee myself a little with exitement when i think about v2.


Hi, hello! The name is Joshua. Nice to meet everyone. I’ll try to contribute as much as I can to the V2 community.


hi im jake im a huge nerd


Heyo! My names Caleb and I’m excited for a new film platform!

(and memes. Mostly for the memes.)


Hey dude.


Hi, I’m Evan! I can’t wait to see what amazing content awaits us in v2, and I just can’t wait to start filming my own. Hype!!!


Hey everybody.

My names Josh, you probably saw videos of my cat with a mustache more than you saw videos of me. Or a video of me yelling at a truck… on a truck… ON ANOTHER TRUCK, ON YOUR TRUCK!!

Seerrriously pumped about V2. Love to all of you. See ya on V2!!


hey guys. anyone plan on being successful on v2 this post has some insightful information How to succeed at V2

just helping out :smile:


I feel silly but I have a video series about my fake startup and my fake startup is called


I just checked out a bunch of your vines and oh my goodness…you are hilarious! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do in v2.