Say hello!


I was going to do the trey basketball meme but someone already did. Anyway, hey I’m anna and I miss vine and can’t wait for v2. I’m ready for the memes


Am I too late to the pachanga


I am excited for v2 like g2 baby


howdy im jasper and i like ice cream. and also cats.


Hello. Came over here to see what this was all about after waking up to a notification that Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon liked v2app on Twitter. Interesting…
We are Trent and Siobhan, YouTubers, musicians and we love to create so it will be good to keep an eye on what’s going on here :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Sara @spudleybean :heart_eyes: loving the vibe! and really happy to be here


Welcome to the forums @TrentandSiobhan and @spudleybean


Hello! I’m Morgan and idk what to expect here but I’m along for the ride and hope to have fun along the way!


Hello Everybody


Early welcomes to NYC! I am born and raised in NYC. You’ll love it here. :smiley:


Helllo:) I’m Solly, you can follow me on ig @s.olly if you’d like. No need to brag, but I may have had over 15 followers on v*ne. I’m excited to be a part of v2, and hopefully I’m not too late to the party!


Hey all im Xella,

Traveling around, just saw this on Sara Dietchy’s channel and thought I would come over and see.


I am Turkish, message me. :blush:


Welcome @Xella @solly @Ashley_Kenworthy @Shocked


Hello my friends. :slight_smile:

I am Mustafa YAMAN. 21 years old. I am Turkish. :smile: stagram & Scorp: yamanmustafa [quote=“Summersirchie, post:249, topic:25”]


Hello! I’m Jayce. I consider myself an intermediate photographer. I love nature and wildlife, and I just gotta shoot a photo when I get the chance! Other interests include Nintendo, Apple, and the original Vine! Yoshi’s my favorite video game character, so anything I find related to him I will instantly fall in love with. :heart_eyes: I’m very excited to see what v2 has to offer!

I’m also a YouTube partner. :blush:


Hey, I’m Mari and I like mac and cheese.


Hey all! V2 seems like a lightning rod for a lot of creative folks. This is neat.


Hi! I’m looking forward to seeing this come together!!!


dont mind me, im just saying hello!!