Say hello!


Hi. I’m max. I originally got the vine app because I thought it was Vimeo. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, I liked it. I started making the stupidest vines ever. They got better but no one really payed attention. Even when vine started to decline I still posted and I was devastated when they shut it down. I was in tears when I couldn’t post on vine anymore. Hopefully V2 will be amazing and I’m so excited to be on it. Please see this dom!


Hey guys!!! Tiny Dog and Shel here from Vine!


Heyyyy! More Fam in the V2 Forums :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: @TinydogandShel


I’m Guert!


Hey I’m Maia, I turn 16 in April, I have 6 cats and a dog, and I am super excited for v2 :grin:


Welcome to the forums :smiley: @Maia @Guert @TinydogandShel and @Formerviner !!!


Spock Rolls Baby!!!


Hi c: I like helping out the best I can when I can do it.


Hi @I_jade22 ~ We’ll appreciate you as long as you to do us as well!

Who else loves singing/music like I do? :musical_score: :blush:

I love to sing in private because I’m not very good at keeping my voice a stable volume when I’m singing since I’m very softspoken. I’m improving a lot though, and I hope you do too! :purple_heart:


Hey guys! I’m Ally, your new resident awkward comedy writer and small (and I mean small) youtuber! :wink:


hi everyone


Hi! Very excited for what you all have planned for the app! cant wait!


Hey!!! I’m Dylan Collins! I’m very funny and enthusiastic! Check out my social media and follow me! :slight_smile: Twitter: @dylancollins95 Instagram: Realdylancollins


Hello I’m Landon waiting in anticipation for v2


Hey! I’m Griffin, a film maker, YouTuber, game creator,
and a lot more.


hi im cosmic and im really suprised the name cosmic wasn’t taken. i loved v*ne but didn’t have an account, so im really excited for v2.


Welcome to the forums!!! :slight_smile: @cosmic @GriffinHeileV2 @Landon @DylanCollins @Alon @rhysthomas and @whimsically !!! Any questions, just ask


Hi everyone! im mary and im very pumped for v2


Hey, I’m Jeremy. This looks super interesting. I’ll give it a shot.


Hey I’m Opey and yeah aloha