Say hello!


it’s actually my friends dog but thank you!


Hey, I’m new here maybe I missed something so when I’m sorry. I loved Vine because it helped me a lot because I’m badly mentally ill. My therapist said it was a skill for me! now comes my important question V2 will be as constructed as Vine it don’t have to be the exact same … Gosh I hope you know what i mean? With different category like “Funny” and “Edits”? Sry for my bad english I’m a german girl :woman_technologist:t4: :relieved:


Vine was my favorite app, I was there from the start :sob: :joy:


Hey Guys,

I’m Skruxe! I’m a small youtuber however I hope to be a big in v2 and make it my primary platform. I’ll be focusing around the comedy genre and would love to work with you guys!

If you’d like to check out some of my work (you don’t have to) you can see it here:
Otherwise, i look forward to talking to you lovely people!


hello! my name is olivia! :smile:


heyo my name is Marek, I suck at math, and i can’t wait for v2


Welcome, @Marek @oliviwhat @Skruxe @Chuck_Savilla2 !!! Welcome to the Forums!


@Xtian thank you!


@Xtian Thank you very much :+1: I’m loving this and meeting you all :100:


thank you


Say hello to falsetto in 3, 2, 1 swag lalala


You guys seem so chill :call_me_hand:t4: Nice to meet you all


Hi folks! I didn’t get to use vine because I didn’t have enough cell data in my family’s plan back then, but now I pay my own phone bill so I’m pumped for v2!


Everyone seems so nice!:two_hearts: I’m Jade and nice to meet you guys! Who else loves singing/music like I do? :musical_score::blush:


Welcome to the forums @I_jade22 @cameronmorgan @MiguelMendez ! Any questions don’t be afraid to ask! :smile:


ayooo maybe if v2 is similar you can show me around


Also there’s a V2 community group on Snapchat I can add you too if you do that and it’s super encouraging, it would be great if you could join!


thanks dude! @xtian


Hello Everyone


hey hey hey @tgrldmrl here.Hello guys.We haven’t seen you for a long time.