Say hello!


thank you! same to you!!


This is going to be awesome


It isn’t already? Hahha


Hello guys, I’m Vrayan. I wasn’t here for the original Vine but I’m extremely excited to be here for V2!


Sup, I’m Luvji (pronounced Love-G) but some people just call me love, I’m mega exited for v2 to come out,
Ps: also want friend’s :heart:


Nice to meet you & Don’t we all want friends :joy: ?


Hello!! I’m KiiD
But my real name is Dexter
Yes I have a laboratory


Hello my name is Rhys and this is my account on
Okay thank you I’ll talk to you later :heart:


Hello everyone! Super excited about v2.


Yeah.True true🤔


Hi your dog is cute😅


Hello Mate


Ello guys, the name’s Asteri. I got the vine app literally the day it closed. :sweat_smile: So… I never actually tried it. Really looking forward to V2! (Maybe I actually get to try it this time around :joy::joy: )


Thanks :smile: hahaha yeah true :thinking: It will probably take a veeeery long time to actually get good, but it will be worth it!
That’s awesome, I hope it is going well for you, is it recent? Thank youuu, I’ll check your insta too haha :hugs:

Ahh that is a shame, new chance this time round, sounds like cool content. Comedy and artsy things are always nice, am curious as to what you’ll be sharing :slight_smile:

Seems like a great social experience with cool relationships as result, hopefully this second round will be even better then :smiley::hugs:



I’m Dylan, all ready to bring all out fun and positivity to the platform!:call_me_hand:t2:
Can’t wait till this thing goes live.


Hello my name is Amelia Subway-Chicken and I’m not your average Caucasian :sunglasses:


@circus Being good as something isn’t the key, it’s the courage you have to
be good at something. You could be super good at swimming but if you don’t
have the courage to swim towards new horizons, you’ll never get anywhere.
You sound like you’re determined so I know you’ve already got great
potential for this app :slight_smile:

My journey has been over the past year, I guess this is the second year now
so not really new any more but still moving forward with new ups and downs
everyday so it’s a work in progress!

Yes I love the possibility for a second chance with V2, I worked hard for a
while and it paid off with a lot followers and views right when it shut
down haha so I’m ready to be at the starting end this time.

Thank you! I’m also curious to see what you’ll put up :slight_smile: & it’s a great
social experience, it was the easiest place to build a platform for
beginners so I hope this app is the same. And with contests you get a
chance to talk to the more famous people (which I did a couple times) and
it was so cool and overall it was fantastic, glad you’re eager to be a part
of it!

Who knows when V2 will come out and I doubt I’ll have much time to be on
these forums, but I’m still interested in seeing your journey until then!
My Snapchat’s in my profile (it’s danielsmalls1) but if you have a Snapchat
you should add me so we can see the different comedy and athletic stuff we
post before the actual app comes out!

Have a good day!


Hello, ny name is Alan

Artist by nature

Photographer @aurmont

Movie buff

David Lynch fan


Avocado evangelist

Creative writer



Socially awkward

Don’t have many friends


Welcome to the forums bro :smiley:


Hello :hugs: I’m Chuck and I’m very excited to meet/continue to meet you all. I love these Forums and am very anxious for V2 to be here. I was going to say Hi yesterday but in my excitement, I used up all of my Responses for 1 Day RIGHT before I got to this Thread
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: But I’m happy to finally be able to say Hello to you all. Have a great one Everyone :blue_heart: V2 :blue_heart: