Say hello!


Ayee wassupp just glad to be a part of V2!:crazy_face:


Hello, my name is Cameron. I’m a photographer and content creator. I’ve never been more excited about an app!


thanks :smile:


Hi! I started using Vine near the beginning before they even had a revine feature.

I was a bit sad to see Vine go, I really liked the community and made so many online friends there even though I eventually stopped creating content because of all the anti-gay comments I would get. But it was still very entertaining and fun, especially at the beginning. People were SO creative before they allowed video uploads and before those that gained huge followings drowned out everyone else.

My hope is that V2 will be even better and attract a much more diverse community, not just the tweens that seemed to overtake Vine eventually.


Exactly! Super awesome :blush: I’m hoping to make videos of my progress and/or training concerning contortion, hand-balancing and gymnastic/tricking/acrobatic skills (long sentence I know haha). Am a newbie to it since August (2017) and figured it would be fun to share the ‘journey’ :smile: I share pictures on my instagram occasionally but that is all up until now. How about you? :hugs:


hi world! I’m Savannah! I’m super excited about v2 and I hope to see some great stuff from everyone!


Wow, that’s awesome!! That’s especially cool because that’s something that not many will be doing and that many will not even try cuz it’s freaking hard. That’s super cool though I love seeing athletic journey stuff, going through one of my own right now, I’ll have to check out your Insta! Keep it up :+1:

I found the first Vine a little less than a year before it ended so I didn’t have it for long, but I did like 60% comedy and 40% singing/music/edits. Vine was SO fun, got to talk to some famous people, but mostly met so many awesome friends I still have and collab with, so hoping this can do the same!


Hello I’m Castro.

I don’t really create content or do any social network activity besides following the average Joe/Jane that makes me laugh, however I might use this platform for private video moments of what’s going on in my daily basis if there will be that option.


Whats Up My G


Welcome to the Forum @TheNameisCastro @savannahramos @TomWho :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:


thank you! whoops forgot to tag you, still trying to get the hang of this🤷🏻‍♀️ @Xtian


No worries! Everyones new at some point :smile:


Same, welcome!! :grinning:


I’m Imre. Hello Dom. Hello, others.


hi my name is sahil… you can find me at
insta: trsahil
twitter: tr_sahil
sanpchat :sahil_swapnesh
V2: tbd :wink:


thank you!!


Sure thing! What kind of videos are you wanting to make?


hi, hello everybody


I have no clue at the moment. right now I’m just poking around and seeing what others plan on doing. Hopefully I can do something that’ll make people laugh and feel happy!


Well then you’re off to a fantastic start, I hope good things are in store for ya!