Say hello!


Hi, my name is Summer and I look forward to sharing my dysfunction with you all :+1:


That’s awesome! Thanks Matt! :slight_smile:


Hi,from Turkey.My name is Barış. (that means ‘‘Peace’’ in turkish)
I’m so excited for v2 !!


Hello I’m Darcy :smile:
I’m a New Yorker living in the Carolinas and I’m PUMPED for V2 :two_hearts:


Welcome to the forums everyone! Can’t wait to meet you all! Have any questions, just ask :smiley:


Hello, my name is Daniel, and I…like to party


Welcome @danielsmalley to the forums! :slight_smile: Have fun!


Thank you and I will lol :vine:


welcome all new users, glad to have you here!


@Circus Welcome to the forums!! Hopefully we can all welcome each other on the second app (that it won’t let me type lol) eventually :vine::joy:


@brad That’s so cool you got a chance at the forums early!! And even though I’m late (so to speak) welcome!


No such thing as late . Party always moves


@tooturntalex cries single tear of joyous understanding Yes…yes it does


Hey guys. My name’s Justin. Third year college interested in film and screenwriting. Kind of late to this thread but I just wanted to say that so far my overall experience with the community has been great. The mods have kept an eye on all of the threads very well and the rest of the community has been very nice and helpful. I look forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully help one another in the near future. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. My name is Omar, nice to meet you all. I am really excited with the V2 and I cant wait to meet new people. Feel free to send me a message!


Thank you! You too :hugs: Hahahahah :joy:, hopefully we can! Looking forward to it :smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey there, I’m Hunter. I was “hi im hntr” on Vine and had a few big hits. I racked up ~15K followers as an comedic editor and am looking forward to being even bigger once V2 comes around!
I also want to say thank you for giving it another chance. I don’t know the full details on what happened to the first app, and what made you decide to create another, but it means a lot regardless.


@Circus I’m very looking forward to it haha it’s the best creative outlet for my busy schedule; it panders to those of us who don’t have the best resources but still have something they want to share to better others’ lives! What videos do you want to make? (or already make)


hey everyone! im steve :smile:

i hope to befriend many of you.

i hope to see a lot of the community succeed on v2.

and i deadass read every reply to this topic bc 1. i hav no lyf and 2. i need to get every badge.

okay enjoy your stay in the v2 community.


Welcome @Steve @hntr @Omarplaton @JBronz :exclamation: Welcome to the Forum, any questions, just ask!