Say hello!


Heyo people of the internet I’m Keshia


Hello! I’m Wilson! Super pumped for V2


Hello @Keshiainpixels and @Wilson !!! Welcome to the forums! Any questions just ask!


Hello keshia


Hello peeps! my name is Selina but you can call me Jiyu~
I am really looking forward for v2! :smiley:


Hi there v2 I’m Bram. :wave:
I hope we can have lots of fun with this. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Jiyuunie and @Bram to the V2 forums!


Thanks! :v:t2:


Welcome everyone to the v2 community forum! I hope you have an amazing experience like I’ve had and you get to meet a lot of amazing people!


hey mans and womans it’s me @ocd tha GOAT :goat:
happy to be here


Sup. I am kyle, most just call me k(ill me)yle. I had around 5,000 followers when Vine died. I made funny edits and things like that


Hey guys! I’m Nate! I ran one of those “viner update” twitters (embarassing, I know) I’m so excited for V2, and all that has to come!


Hello! I plan on using V2 to share my edits, see other cool edits, and find awesome music from edits!:smiley:


Hey guys! Follow me when it comes out, and follow me on insta @aggyelizabeth :wink:



Welcome to the vine forums! I hope y’all have fun, and welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, just ask :smiley:


So many new people. Welcome all!


That’s why I’m doing it every few minutes




Bonjour bonjour, look forward to getting started and going back to spending my time procrastinating watching all your videos!


Since so many people are saying hello. Imma say hi again. Lol hey guys I’m clout or @lilcoutius on instagram. Loved vine and more excited for v2!