Say hello!


let’s use this thread to say hello. feel free to introduce yourself, too. :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone! Tell me a little about you!
Get to know each other
Small YouTubers – #nolongerpartners
This platform is already feeling like a family 😎
I am very excited for v2
Hi I'm Saqeb and I moved to LA to follow my dreams
V2 For Dummies!
Never seen so much people in one place being so nice
Getting to know everyone
Laugh, Sip, and Spill
Ma namee e Jeff
Let's Make V*** what it wasnt!

just setting up my v2


I’m holding onto my butt.


hello my name is william and it’s nice 2 meet u


Hey everyone! My name’s Jack. Can’t wait to be a part of this!


Hey everyone I am Jennifer and its nice to meet you :slight_smile: I love vine and i’m glad to be personally helping!


Hey what’s up everyone, i’m James, Creative Director at Labstep and Community Ambassador at Google Campus London. Super excited to see what this becomes and happy to help in any way!


it is the v2 community forum, my dudes…

Tanner, Brand Strategy @ Twitter, Lover of Looping Vids.



Hey, I’m Matt. I’m so excited for v2!


Hey. I’m Andy in London. Happen to be up at an unreasonable hour so managed to get a invite to the forums. Exciting.


hey guys, im elijah. v2 is gonna be sick :relaxed:


Hey everyone! My name is Ryan and I’m excited to be able to help out in any way I can, can’t wait to create for this! V2 is gonna be dope!


hi, im grant. the hype for v2 is real


Hello Everyone! I’m Austin, v2 is going to be wild! Excited to be able to help out!


Hello, everyone! My name is Alex, and I’m pumped to be a part of the v2 forums launch!


Hi my name is Jamie , I’m so so excited for V2 boyyzzz


Hey my name is Kenyon and this is gonna be great


Hello, my name is Blair Imani! I am a Black queer muslim activist and I’m excited to see v2 roll out. I’m happy to provide any input from a diversity + equity POV.


THE jack, or a jack? Lol


Hello! My name is Zack, from the midwestern United States and a 10 year veteran of creating online video. Looking forward to the creativity and good vibes that are going to come out of the V2 forum!