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Roadtrip vlog :) youtube


Hey guys! I just uploaded a new YouTube video. If you would check it out and give it a like (maybe even subscribe) that would mean so much! It’s only around minute long for those of you with short attention spans :wink:


hay. :))))) ::))


Welcome to the club


nice vid!


Thank you so much! It means a lot!


@Flo y’all should collab


That’d be so much fun! I’m always down to collab.




No doubt, we all are.


You have such a natural flow, and seem so comfortable around the camera (something that I aspire to do)… Keep up the good work! You also get straight to the point… Love it.


We all love a good vlogger


Thank you so much for watching! I’m trying to get into the groove of things and post regularly in 2019.


I stopped posting vids on my Chan bc I wanna keep my energy for byte, I have tons of kids and teens running after me in high school, they all want vine a.k.a byte to be back.


Are you going to continue doing 1 minute vlogs? They’re really consistent and straight to the point.


Keep up that energy, Byte is coming soon (if everything goes to plan)! I love this community and the fact that we’ll all be able to support and help each other grow once the app releases.


Yeah this community is like a family, we agree we disagree but we respect each other.


she does make some good stuff tbh


I think I will! I travel quite a bit (NYC, LA, Florida, etc) and the shorter vlogs are fun and easier to edit. I’m in the process of figuring out what’s going to work for me/types of videos I want to keep doing and I think I’ll keep making them and see how they do!


Are you going to settle in LA


Yeah, I plan on moving within the next year and a half/two years, but anything can happen! I act so NYC and LA are two major cities for me. I just got a manager and new agent so hopefully this year I’ll be getting more gigs on the west coast! A few months ago I did background in SpiderMan Far From Home with Zendaya and Tom Holland (its coming out in July) so let’s see what 2019 brings!