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Rhyme Game


Idk how this is accepted
It’s not really related


brennan’s birthday wish was belated

i’m so tired of my circumstances


I had to search up a rhyme to that and came up with advance

oh how would I love a gothic romance


this whole post is pants
idk how to rhyme


it’s not that hard, just don’t be sublime

have some fun with the rhyme, go above and beyond


and then go take a break and go to a pond
idk what that rhyme was xD


see you got it now :b:

yee haw I eat coleslaw


Let’s move to a town with no laws.

Then purge the government so it shall fall. (Lol)


A jury shall be called
To restore law and order


but no one will cross the border.

i like things that are silver


I cut out this guys liver

and I climbed a ladder


Life will be better
When Byte’s outta beta


I’ll probably run out of data
watching bytes while the wifi is down


But most people who post will be clowns.
I say stop clownin’ around and get ya life…


But I’m filled with massive strife

I don’t know if I’m even okay


Wow arf you lookin smokey

You arw a little dwarf


watch out hes finna morph

into another beast. maybe an elf?


Arf, just be yourself

PSA by sam