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Rhyme Game


Must be two lines: 1 with the rhyme one to rhyme with
Rhyme with the previous posts ending
e.g this would be the response you’d be sending


So here’s the rhyme I will be lending


My rhyme is still pending


I don’t know what to write


maybe talk about byte?
try to rhyme though


Nah, instead I’ll go out with my kite


Then I’ll ride my bike,
racing into the moonlight


That seems tight
Seems lit


My post is funny because I have wit
What do you think?


its cool


I want to swim in my pool.
somebody come up with a rhyme for orange


Seriously what’s the point of this post.


don’t think about it, because that’s doing the most

asking what’s the point is lame


Wow what a shame
Wheevan it’s fine


I’m just here so I don’t get fined.
You know why I’m here.
(Marshawn Lynch quotes)


i’m not sure if i’m allowed to use doorhinge

also @wheevan it’s off topic


doorhinge will do. Take a vacation out in the tropics

I eat legs of chickens and not legs of frogs


Woah that’s weird, you’re one cool dawg!

I wonder what time the day will end…


the day will end once my internal pains start to
until then I’ll be sitting here.


do not ever ever drink beer

alchohol poisoning is worse than expected