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Restrictions on v2?


So what kinds of things are we going to do if people end up doing bad things like unexcusable acts or just horrible things in general? I wonder what systems Dom will have to implement.


we will unfollow them :joy:


What do you mean? Do you mean someone posting something bad? If so, I think that, just like with any other app, there’d be an option to flag/report a post and/or a user.


Yeah I guess so


but are we allowed to swear in our videos? that’s the big question!


not gonna lie i hope we are cause that makes the difference between a video being just funny or outright HILARIOUS


I’m sure there will be a flag/ report button, just like we have here on the forums !


Profanity shouldn’t be an issue. If it was allowed on vine, itll be allowed in v2 as well im sure


But just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t always mean flag/report it… there is obviously going to be “bad” posts, that not all of us will agree with, but as long as it doesn’t go over the edge I don’t think it’s should be flagged/reported


Yeah I think we should because it really does make them completely HILARIOUS!:joy:


Dom has already been doing a good job with that, he BANNED Logan Paul I believe from ever creating a V2 account. And you know why he banned him.


are u sure about that? is this verifiable news? i heard its just rumors


That’s what I heard from the biggest news channels on youtube… And I saw it a lot on twitter. So I guess? But I could be mistaken and so could the people saying he could be banned, from the fake V2 twitter accounts… We’ll have to find out. Plus I don’t see why Logan Paul would ever go to V2. He’s doing better on youtube then his original vine account ever was. I apologize if I was wrong!


Yup, I was wrong. I apologize! The twitter account Vine2Creators is fake! There’s only 1 twitter, and that’s @v2app. We all know Dom doesn’t use caps at all!


Yep, I completely understand


Oh yeah I knew that already


Yeah that’s why vines new motto should be “v2, a 2nd chance is all we need”:joy:


We will send them to the naughty corner


Yeah, that one is fake. Nobody is being banned from v2.


Many shocking things posted on the internet have a good chance of getting hunted down which is nice. Many videos that cause tons of anger get enough notice where locals who recognize the individual get the police involved. The internet is a strong place, it’s not easy to hide from your mistakes but its becoming easier to find the ones who make those mistakes haha.