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Requesting Podcast Editors

Price Per Project: (price for every completed podcast)



-18 years of age or older
-Show Me At Least 4 Examples of Podcast You’ve edited. Link to them below.

Project Description:

-30 minute podcast cut down into three 3 minute segments. Make it sound clean and professional.


Do you need the editors to submit a resume?


would give this a shot for sure but never done podcasts ツ


I mean I have edited many many songs and have great audio tools, software and workstations… but never actually edited a podcast…


When I was going to print anything I found that my canon printer offline windows 10 was popping every time and that is the reason why I could not print anything. So please help me to fix the problem so that I can work with it.

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Robin perker are you a bot from India?

i want links to any podcasts you’ve personally edited. I don’t need a resume I need proof you have experience

I need someone with experience.

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