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Regretting the announcement of the v2 app :((


I deeply regret hearing the v2 app getting announced because everyday its not released or at least a set date to look forward to for beta it feels like a year has passed😩 Im so anxious to get on the app its crazy …UGHH. Anybody else ?


I am waiting…


That’s just more time to look at the issues with other popular apps and think up solutions for this one!


I’m just v ERY impatient


well i like the hype, community, and people! It’s kinda nerve wrecking to have the app not be released, but i guess we’ll have to w a i t!


We’ve got to be patient.


the wait is painful yet pleasureable knowing the team are putting thier utmost efforts in making it awesome


I dont mind waiting anymore. This community is awesome


tbh i just distract myself with sims 4 or school work… don’t think about it too much until i get on the forums.


I can see how waiting longer to send the announcement would have made people less anxious.

However, it’s important to create as much hype as possible. Announcing it only a couple of months before the release would not create enough excitement or get enough exposure for the project. That’s why I can see why @dom made the announcement at the time he did.


I actually think it’s very beneficial. Creating excitement for this app all over the internet spreads the word about it, so more people know about it. It also gives artists time to come up with ideas, skits, or whatever it is they plan to post. :slight_smile: But don’t worry, it will soon be here and it will only seem like a few days until this app is in the hands of millions of users!


I’m just waiting patiently… give me more time to get my content and whatnot together.


Yes same here!! There’s so many videos that I want to post on there😄. I can’t wait!


I usually have to pay for this kind of torture, so I’ll take it where I can get it.

Kane out.


I feel you but its gonna be worth it once the app releases


People still feel the same way in March 2019. LOL


a year old post but ok :laughing:




I’m surprised someone found this old post​:upside_down_face::joy:


Holy crap it’s a year old