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Re-enacting Iconic Vines!


Being SOO excited that byte’s beta launch is probably around the corner, I went on chatroulette and mentioned / re-enacted as MANY VINES AS I POSSIBLY COULD and tried to see if people knew them/played along!

Would mean a lot to me if you watched it and let me know what you think woOooo here it is:

I’m just SOO excited for byte you have no idea you can see all the excitement in the vid XD.
thank you i love you all so much k baiiii <3 <3 <3 <3


the portuguese: Ronaldinho?
good job bro i like this video so much


I actually enjoyed watching this! Love the energy <3


Hhahha this is great well done


Awww, what a time v*ne was


:o It was the best time to be alive, hopefully Byte lives up to that standard !


Yo you are definitely funny af. Loving the vids


Would you be interested in making a video for the byte commercial ?


hahaha thank you boiiii!!


yess that sounds siccc! how/what is the commercial?


thank you my maNNN!! <3


I lost it at ronaldinho :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: great video! Can’t wait to see you on byte :partying_face:


Loved the vid :joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand: really smart idea :clap:


lmaaooo i love your personality!! keep it going dude


That was amazing!


The content was so great I HONESTLY thought you had a million subs. You will one day tho. :+1:


I love how energetic this video is. Good job


Great stuff brother, love the work :grinning: