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Rate my timelapse

Rate my aquarium timelapse.

I know it’s bad, I’m just bored RN.
Don’t ask abou the music, couldn’t find anything else.


Changed to #promote-yourself since it fits there better :))

Maybe try balancing the camera on something so it doesn’t shake, but nice video and aquarium


idk who changed back to youtube & other, but i’ve changed it to Vids bc it isn’t her promoting herself, as she’s just sharing and wanting feedback :grin:

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It’s very cool!!! Relaxing and aesthetic :ok_hand::call_me_hand:

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It’s not bad. If can give a little constructive criticism, the camera shots were not consistnely stable. It shook a lot. Also doing zoom ins of the fish and plants would’ve been nice as well.

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i give it a time/time