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RATE ME I make fast paced vlogs!


I make reallyy short narrated vlogsSsss like thiss ^^

I’d love some feedback RATE ME GUIDE ME I NEED FEEDBACKZ

thank u i love you all see u baii <3


:joy::joy::joy: that was funny

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Loved every moment of it :rofl::rofl:

I also watched it at 1.5x speed…for some reason the faster it was the funnier it got haha

KEEP IT UP can’t wait for more!


You are a funny narrator and nice video :sunglasses:

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thank youuU!!1

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holy crap u r a genius it actually does get better XD wtfff I MUST IMPLEMENT THIS THANKS FOR TIPS AND TRICKS LUV YU

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Thank youuuu!! <3<3


Have to say this is pretty much my life, but instead of college it’s work

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