Random doodle


Does anyone else doodle? Tonight I tried to doodle the kitchen from my childhood home.


“Doodle” :joy: More like full blown work of art in my book haha. I’m nowhere near that good when I doodle.


Dude, this is too good! My art just looks like a bunch of asymmetrical lines… It doesn’t even have structure…


Waaaait… that’s art, not doodle


It looks like the creation of a manga kitchen scenario


I appreciate it. Very kind of you. I really like to draw/doodle, so I’m happy you like my style. Been working on it. :pray::yellow_heart:


I’d love to see your art. You should post some. Thanks so much.


i like the sketch style and love the blue background, adds good contrast with the darker pen!


i WISH i could draw that good, all i can draw are stick figures :joy: great work dude!


It looks like a deleted sketch off of the “Take On Me” video


Good drawing, I doodle too since I’m in college studying art.


only thing i could doodle is weed


That’s very nice man!


I enjoy sketching like that! It takes up most of my note taking time lol


sick doodle! :+1:


Very nice! This reminds me of how I need to work on my art skills.