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[QUESTION] What do Past Viners Think of Byte, and Do You Think it will be Identical in Comparison?


I want to know what old Viners think of Byte. People who made content and viewed content on the platform.

Do you guys think it will be just like Vine, or do you think it will be a completely different experience?

Since I wasn’t a past Vine user, I can’t really comment. So I want to know what you guys think.

Cheers! :grin:


Hey Mason, it’s Mason haha
Byte will have some of the same elements from vine, and I really hope we get the same vibes from it. It will be a little different, and won’t be an identical experience, but I doubt it’ll stray too far from vine.


@mason_paper lol mason

im very hopeful for byte, since i never used vine and only watched “rip vine compilations” on yt im excited to see how many memes spawn from byte


I’m looking forward to the memes as well


I honestly don’t care what they’ll think. I’m just glad Byte will be happening.
Hopefully they’ll respect what we got going…but you never know for sure.


Same! I’m in the same position here!


Thus far the only true spiritual successor to Visit e that I’ve seen is tiktok, and it took a while to get that. In the time it took internet humor already changed massively and continues to do so. So while Byte will definitely harbor the spirit that Vine held, it will definitely be a very different experience and wine, but that’s a good thing. If it didn’t evolve it would die, so the change will be good :slight_smile:strong text


A viner called DAVID Dobrik who is now a YouTuber doesn’t think that there should be another vine he says it’s like a good movie that doesn’t need a sequel that’s the only person I’ve heard talk about a new vine but he wasn’t specifically talking about byte


im still super hyped to see how byte turns out either way

Bad news maybe. For byte users