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Q&A for Flo


Hey guys it’s me Flo, and welcome to a new forum post… (doesn’t have the same ring as my usual intro)

So my channel is currently at 81 subscribers and thus is close to reaching 100 subs. Once this happens I’d like to make a small Q&A style video… but to do so I actually need some questions.

I’m hoping that y’all can ask me some questions, which I’ll use when the big day comes.

also, a new video on Byte is most likely coming on Monday. So be sure to stay tuned for that by subscribing to the channel!


BIG Byte Update!

Will you still post Byte news on your channel after Byte is released? Or will you do different content? And if so, what type of videos will you make?


How did you get your username??


If both were equally possible, would you focus on youtube or the upcoming byte app more?


What inspired you to take up byte and YouTube?


How did you find V2 / Byte


Can you do a front flip


been subscribed since like 7 or something, give this man all your subs now


Who is your idol ?


Are you in college? If so, what’s your major?


Will you be on byte?

Ok I know that but what content will you make?


what is your dream career? would it be youtube or byte related? :yum:


very important question, favourite type of doughnut? :doughnut:


your top favorite viners and what kinda videos do you plan on making on byte?


collab? :sunglasses:


Byte update videos but vegan


this is my brand


you should add some humour to your videos it would make them more entertaining


Say cronch


What is your teeth brushing regimine