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Q&A for ash [deadline 3/21 @ noon]


Can you call lex and tell him you have a crush on him


Will you go to prom with me?


Yes I will


what lotion do you use?


How hot am I?


Kinda vague hypothetical, if a young(ish) man, good looking, owner of an app, developing a new app, has lotion, lives in a popular city asked you out on a date, would you say yes?


do you ever contradict yourself to make sure you’re being honest to yourself?


How can i get rich handsome and famous by doing nothing


what’s your least favorite smell


is it time for me to get a watch


How do you braid hair???


What person would you like to be like and why


Whats ur social security number, credit card number, and phone number (asking for alex)


do the discord ever give u gas


someone say pan?


someone say dan?


Where’d you find this photo of Ganon??? Asking for our friends


This is gonna be one heck of a q & a


deadline extended :eyes:


q: feet pic?