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Q&A for ash [deadline 3/21 @ noon]


do u think gunnar has a cool nose or what


Also another question, What do you think is the worst look you’ve done?


What are your goals for byte? :v:


This question here is the exact reason I will never do a Q&A


This question here is the exact reason why I want to do a Q&A


I got a few for you, Ashy!!

Do you have any fears?
How are you so talented and nice and funny and beautiful?
Are you named after anyone?
Can you do the splits (if so, demonstrate)?
What is your favourite snacc?
Have you any birthmarks, if you do, then where?

Can’t wait for the vid ^-^


do u think i am cooler than jay






hi I’m filming this Tuesday (hopefully) SOOO pls ask all questions before then tysm :two_hearts: ily


can you do a face reveal? :sneezing_face:


Do you think looks are important and if so why


Say the alphabet backwards


Who are the most important people that you’ve met through these forums?
Edit: Second question, how are you so beautiful?


Me obviously


This is for the second one right?


When will ash bulletin #2 be?


Buss down thotianna?


Hey Ash what were you planning to be when you were little ? Is it the same to what you want to be now if not what has made you change :slight_smile:


Plans for 2019 and/or looking forward to anything this year?