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Promote Your Social Media Channels 2019


Hello there! I just started to posting to my YouTube and would really love some feedback, shares or really any interactions.

Also my Instagram and Snapchat are both VivaLaKani. Don’t forget to drop any of your social media channels for me to check out as well so we can support each other.


I only have my YT channel.



I recently deleted my IG.


Thank you for not saying “2K19”… We need to leave that crap back in 2017. Shame none of the 13 year old girls in my school can get that through their head lmao


Whenever I hear someone say 2K19 I get flashbacks to a few years ago. No one here really says that where I’m at anymore though. Lol.


Follow me on instagram

#8 I will be posting vlogs soon


IG @trapbeasts
Twitter @xxxtentacion_ex


Twitter: @DeanOfficially

#11 :hugs:



now hold on just a second what app this is