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What do you guys think the earth will be like in 10 billion years from now ?


I don’t know if the Sun will last that long; could be a cold place to live, if not a frozen rock.




10 billion years older


dead for sure


where the dinosaurs are


It’ll probably be just a piece of rock with nothing on it


There won’t be an earth 10 Billion years from now that is for sure …


there will still be life - new life not humans for sure
climates change with our help or not (eg several ice ages)


I’m pretty sure the sun will destroy everything by then :joy: it will become a Red Giant and engulf the whole of Earth … so I doubt there will be any life …


life will always find a way. that’s why we have so many species dying and new species are forming all the time


I’m thinkin that the earth will be eaten by then, but oh well :man_shrugging:


@JamieDavies you made me drop my croissant :joy::joy::joy:


definitely dead


Well if my schedule clears up, I may actually go outside by then! So that’s something to look forward to I guess :smile:


There will not be an earth to live in, but for sure another planet to live in!


5 second rule…


Mars will be the new earth that or everything’s destroyed


Once the sun goes supernova, Earth will be ashes. #science


If it’s like Futurama, then maybe it will reset