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Post your favourite photo(s) you have taken/edited! ๐Ÿ˜š


Wait omg these are so pretty. The top right one is my fave :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Iโ€™m not really a serious editor or photo taker but I do love to play around on Afterlight. These are my results :slightly_smiling_face:


woahโ€ฆ very nice!!


aaaa thank u :star2::star2::star2:


My dog, obviously


keep posting em guys! i wanna see :eyes:


those are dope !


An edit I did and posted to Insta over a year ago. Nothing too special, but I like how it turned out๐Ÿ˜Š


omggg thats real cool :hushed::hushed:


these arenโ€™t that good but I wanted to fit in soโ€ฆ

but Iโ€™m thinking of using this pic as a single or EP cover for my music :notes:


omgggg what thats amazing :eyes::eyes: you should deffo use it!


omg thank u :blush:


Not bad, but Iโ€™d edit the houses by making them a darker, reddish shade. That way, the picture would blend and look more natural.



uhโ€ฆ no, this isnโ€™t the place to promote your youtube. delete


Iโ€™m not promoting, Iโ€™m creating a discussions and if you donโ€™t like it. Excuse your self and your comment


no you wasnโ€™t. you posted your YouTube channel on a post where im only asking for photos? completely off topic


Please refrain from creating unrelated posts under a topic that is not relevant to said post. If you would like people to view your work, create a topic under the #promote-yourself category and link your promotions,



yooo thatโ€™s sickkk