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Post your favourite photo(s) you have taken/edited! 😚


So I’m sure we’ve all taken a couple of photos which we love and treasure…

Maybe as a photographer or just a quick snap of anything…your pets or the sky or self portraits…ANYTHING. Maybe it’s meaning to you is more than the actual photo, but more of the memory?

I feel like this would be a cool thing to share with eachother, and admire/appreciate people’s work/photos!

Here’s a crappy collage of my top 4:

(I’m a real lover of sunsets, skylines and cityscapes!)


you take good pictures!



Ah here we go
I don’t know why mine is so big


LMAOOOO wow! i can totally appreciate those :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy:


hehehe thank you hon…

you should post some… especially that cool shot from your recent ig


would if i did more!

its only light 11am till 3pm rn and I don’t go out bc its so cold


Is that ash or jay


the top one is a christmas tree alex.


I meant the girl


omg ur alex on the discord

i’m so slow

That’s ash fr no joke 100% :100: :100: :100:


Yes it’s a me


didnt take this but i edited it

a nice sunset picture i took on the 14th


:joy::joy: awhh nice!


extremely proud of this one (taken on the One plus 5T)


woww that’s very cool!


A couple of these are edited, all are mine


OMG :heart_eyes: i love them!!



:heart_eyes: damn, amazing shots man


Thank you so much!! Check out cn_photogrpahy_official on instagram.