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Post Cringiest Disney Channel Movies


Post which Disney channel movies you think are the cringiest below

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@mortmort @Daniel @FaizalDawx BRUH LMAOO PAT AND HER ORANGES🍊


He said cringiest not best???


LOL true true



this movie hit every disney cliche possible

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STOP IT RIGHT NOW I LOVED THAT MOVIE :rage::rage: Top 10 for sure


never said it was bad lmao it was just a disney cliche


luck of the Irish was… a movie


Disney Channel has been making cringey movies since the dawn of time. Some hit well (Wizard of Waverly Place, Kim Possible) some, and I mean most, hit like they have a 60 dollar budget and 10 days to film. As much as I would like to call disneys recent movie Kim Possible the cringiest or Camp Rock our generations weirdest movie that should have never been made and Desendants the worst god damn thing disney is milking, SOMEHOW they made WORSE MOVIES!

Have you heard of a little movie called Freaky Friday?
No I’m not talking about the one with Lindsey Lohan and Jaime Lee Curtis that’s actually good I’m talking about 2018’s terrible no good absolutely disasterous remake that is absolutely bad. Its an ATROCITY that tries to grab your attention with the name ‘Freaky Friday’ and pretends its good by making it a MUSICAL. Yeah, I’m not joking, this movie is a shitty musical. Not even a good one. Even Zombies made a better attempt, this looks like danny devito coreographed everything while Someone gave Pitbull and say write disney songs. None of these characters are EVEN LIKEABLE enough that the third main character DOESNT EVEN HAVE A PICTURE FOR IMDB. The only decent character is played by Cozi Ze-… Zueh- Zuehslef- … Cozi Zuehlsdorff…

You got competition, Galifianakis.

Cozi Zuehldumbledore is the only decent character and thats because she can act pretty well, I’m not even a real fan of her character. Throughout the whole movie, I really couldn’t stand her. Now her mother I couldn’t stand, being played by… Heidi Blickenstaff.


What are these names? Anyways, I couldn’t even stand her. Or anyone else in the movie. For disney channel songs, these even suck and thats HARD FOR DISNEY CHANNEL TO DO! Disney channel if anything can make a catchy beat of a 50 buck budget, even Desendants 2 kept its only energy up because the music was catchy, these aren’t even catchy, I can’t remember a thing from them! In conclusion, everything about this movie SUCKS and I haTE IT.

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Den Brother, it was boring and very cliche.


While I understand these movies are made for kids, it seems like Disney does this, simply because they know no matter, what people will watch it. I have no personal problems with it, but for whatever reason Disney likes to churn this out all the time. That pickachu pic :rofl:

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Never seen the movie, but as I googled the movie, and saw the picture for it, I can already tell what the movie is about. It’s about some older brother who reluctantly agrees to help his little sister’s girl scouts, and in the process they bond closer together, learning the true meaning of family while silly cliched jokes happen in the process.

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I probably rewatched that movie as a kid more than a dozen times, but as we age certain movies don’t age well with us either. Not every movie can be like the Toy story series in my opinion